New Roles of Indonesian Language Teaching Program in the 2013 Indonesian National Curriculum : Integrating science and social studies into Indonesian Language classes

Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) learning system in the Indonesian National Education program is entering a new era by being given a tougher role in the new curriculum starting from next July 2013. This change would be a result of an experimental effort as the Indonesian government through its Ministry of Education and Culture is attempting to tackle the problem of declining education quality in the country and preparing students to keep pace with global challenges by restructuring the curriculum for elementary and secondary schools. One of the change is to remove science and social studies from the list of separate subjects and incorporate them as part of Indonesian Language class for the first, drugs second and third year of elementary school. This has been a controversial decision of the government and generated hot discussions of pros and contras throughout Indonesia whether it would be a bright solution or rather a fatal blunder on the cost of many stakeholders. Continue reading